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Studio 1 offers an area of 500m3 and a height of 10m and is equipped with a lighting truss and audio treatment, making it ideal for all manner of TV productions. Trucks can pull up to the door or, if required, into the studio itself.

Power is available throughout the studio. If necessary, a marquee can be set up adjacent to the studio to provide additional space.

The studio is connected to Control Rooms 1 & 2 for TV production. These control rooms also offer fibre optic connections to several providers for live broadcast operation.

A variety of seating possibilities and stage elements are available for events. A permanent theatre set can be covered in part or entirely with black drapes, so the room can quickly be adapted to create an exclusive atmosphere.

Das Studio 1

Studio 1 Facts:

   • Size: 20m x 25m, total area: 500m², height: 10m

   • Lighting truss with chain hoist system

   • Soundproof and acoustically treated with little reverb

   • High-voltage sockets

   • Black drapes

   • Video, audio and network connections to Control Rooms 1, 2 & 3

   • Wi-Fi and LAN internet connection

   • Studio floor suitable for camera pedestals

   • Emergency exits

   • Truck entrance

   • Costume and prop storage adjacent to studio

   • Fits audiences of 1000 people (standing room) or 500 (seated in rows)

   • Connecting door to Studio 3 (offering an additional 150m2 of space)

   • Direct access to the MMC Lounge and Café Plem Plem


das MMC Haus Foto

das MMC Haus Foto

das MMC Haus Foto

das MMC Haus Foto

das MMC Haus Foto

das MMC Haus Foto